13th Moon Temple

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End of Year Ritual

Goodbye 2016!
“…where you stumble, there your treasure is.” ~Joseph Campbell

Ever notice how when you clean off a counter top or a “junk drawer” you feel a sense of peace and accomplishment.  The pent up angst of having a messy area that you keep putting off cleaning is released and the energy flows.  The Universe abhors a void- very quickly when we let our attention wander elsewhere (hmmm let’s call that life!) that brief clean counter top or drawer starts to accumulate clutter once more.  It’s like magick right? 

So let’s clean up, clean off, and clear out the excess clutter from our day to day life of thinking, believing and doing that does not serve the path you are setting out for yourself in 2017.

Fire is a great releasing and transformation element.  You will need a fire proof bowl such as a cast iron cauldron if you do not have one, a cast iron pan may work as well or some other dish that can withstand a small fire.  to the right is a picture of my cauldron during a full moon releasing ceremony.
You also will need some paper, parchment paper or tissue paper work best.  On these pieces of paper .... see the rest here.
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